beatriz santiago muñoz

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+Pájaro, cómeme on view as part of Liquid Intelligence
+You can watch Prisoner’s Cinema as part of Artists on Artists on the Criterion Channel
+Safehouse in Entre Horizontes at the MCA



2-channel hd video, sound
rt 20:00

The performers are both themselves and imagined others—members of a clandestine political organization. They perform both naturalism and stylization. The house is heard throughout the soundtrack—the floorboards creak, the chairs bang together, a spigot is left running as a noise-making device, one actor fingers a vent, another smells the sheets for anything amiss. Attention to the house and all its pieces, noises, and order is an important part of maintaining a clandestine space. Boredom and care- lessness is dangerous.All the audio explosions are made by hands, mouths, tongues— breaking glass, banged metal, dangling keys, or voice and body sounds that are then lay- ered and slowed down in order to create the illusion of a bomb. The performers, because they feel themselves related to and implicated by these histories—sometimes speak as if they were members of the FALN and at other times speak about them.
︎︎︎Safehouse A side ︎︎︎Safehouse B Side

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