beatriz santiago muñoz

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+Pájaro, cómeme on view as part of Liquid Intelligence
+You can watch Prisoner’s Cinema as part of Artists on Artists on the Criterion Channel
+Safehouse in Entre Horizontes at the MCA


Otros usos

16mm film, 6:52 rt
Shot from the old fuel dock, a mile and a half long struc- ture once used to service battleships and now used by fishermen as a new shore at the now decommissioned US Naval Base of Roosevelt Roads in Ceiba, Puerto Rico. The view from the dock is on one side the Island of Vieques, and on the other; Vieques Sound a passage that connects the Caribbean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean.

The film is shot through mirrored objects built to break the camera’s depiction of space. They are simple seeing machines, Malascopios, somethign built to see wrongly.

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