beatriz santiago muñoz

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+Pájaro, cómeme on view as part of Liquid Intelligence
+You can watch Prisoner’s Cinema as part of Artists on Artists on the Criterion Channel
+Safehouse in Entre Horizontes at the MCA


Ojos para mis enemigos
Pedro Ortiz Pedraza prays to the Orishas. "Give eyes to my enemies, so that they may not take mine out". This is not a ruin and there is no nostalgia, no melancholy for a different future. The cotton trees have returned, from a time before the US Navy base was here. Now they are taller, stronger. The cotton in Pedro's hands is for Obatalá, who loves the color white. It has been 10 years since the base closed. It is a wild combination of native species, introduced species from the agricultural past, and ornamental betel nut palms for the Navy's housing. Packs of abandoned dogs, wild boars escaped from a farm, and native birds jockey for position. No future has been determined yet. The forest retakes acres of land every day. An infinite number of events take place.

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