beatriz santiago muñoz

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+Pájaro, cómeme on view as part of Liquid Intelligence
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+Safehouse in Entre Horizontes at the MCA


La Cueva Negra
From his place in the celestial orb he sends the medicine of the gods, our sweet abominable practice, and the door to the other world as Cojoba and sometimes Datura stramonium. For 2,000 years the medicine shows us the future and the past, but one day the bichote vanishes with the federales and the caciques are all arrested and there are no visions only the bridge, the cars, stream still coming down the mountain, and a new television pro- gram, starting tonight at 9pm.

Now we have new concoctions to help us escape this world: maría, grass, cocaine, and crystal meth.

But it is not the same as the ancestral cohoba and we look forward to the return of Anacacuya with the real medicine. We wait inside the cave until the day of his return.

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