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+Pájaro, cómeme on view as part of Liquid Intelligence
+You can watch Prisoner’s Cinema as part of Artists on Artists on the Criterion Channel
+Safehouse in Entre Horizontes at the MCA


Pájaro, cómeme

16mm film installation
︎︎︎On view now until Januart 28 as part of Liquid Intelligence at the Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza / TBA21 


Single-channel and two-channel 16mm and video transferred to 4k
5.1 sound
18 minutes total rt
Oenanthe is a companion piece to Oriana, and part of the series of works that are related to Monique Wittig’s writing. These two 16mm films were shot just a few minutes from Dannemarie, where she grew up, during a time spent in residence at Crac-Alsace. Originally structured as a part of Oriana in 2020, shooting in Alsace had to be postponed until 2022, when the pandemic had subsided. 

Oriana [single-channel]

Single-channel, hd video, 78 minutes

Oriana is based on feminist writer Monique Wittig’s novel Les Guérillères from 1969. Santiago Muñoz’s free and procedural reinterpretation of Les Guérillères transposes Wittig’s remarkable linguistic inventions into an equally unconventional filmic structure. In the work, a band of militant feminists – mostly close collaborators and acquaintances of Santiago Muñoz – are invited to inhabit an undefined space-time proposed by the artist. 

Oriana [multi-channel]

Multi-channel, in 6 and  8 screens, 5.1 audio and stereo audio, variable size screens

︎︎︎Multi-channel installation in Pivo, Argos and Crac-Alsace
︎︎︎Production stills by Bleue Liverpool and Sara Griffith

El ombligo del sueño

16mm film transferred to digital video, stereo sound, Running time 6 minutes

Yegua de fosa | Hijo de mármol | Mano de piedra | Nube de polvo | Melón de agua | Hueco de monte | Nido de jueyes | Fosa de vacas | Temblor de tierra | Bautizo de mierda | Pesca de orilla | Diente de mula | Tormenta de noche | Plaga de tronco

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